Affirmation Canvas


How you speak to yourself is key. Psychologists have learned different techniques that will help you think more positively. One way is to become aware of your negative “self talk” and replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Sometimes we imagine the worst in situations or about ourselves and often are unaware of the negative thoughts.​ It is important to actively think about what you are feeling and how it is portrayed in your life. Try to catch yourself thinking a negative thought, and say “STOP” to redirect yourself to positive thoughts.

I've created these customizable paintings (from background to the quote), in order to tell myself these affirmations, which in time and through repetition, will slowly start believing. Positive thinking encourages a positive life.

Image by James Lee

Background #1


Image by Steve Johnson

Background #2


Image by Paweł Czerwiński

Background #3

Acrylic Pour


Background #4



Price List

Choose your background from the examples above. The paintings will be comprised of acrylic paint, and a coat of acrylic sealer for a smooth, glossy finish.




4 x 6 in.



6 x 6 in.



8 X 10 in.



9 x 12 in.