Trust your intuition.

About KEI

Two years ago I started seeing repetitive numbers, certain animals around me, and I knew that my guardian angels were watching and protecting me. My intuition felt stronger than ever at the time, I was able to trust myself and the decisions I was making, which ultimately felt empowering. 

However, I took a break from spirituality because I was more interested in becoming social. Yet, I've always seen myself as an introvert. Time went on and I began creating a person within me, the type of person who I thought people wanted to be around; not even knowing who I am or who I want to be with. I realized I could use more self-love and self-empowerment in order to see what was truly important to me. 

Through painting and creating art, I spend time with myself, explore my creativity, and enjoy the process. Art allows me to express myself how I want to... fueling my emotions into another object, while carrying out the vision in my head.